It is very exciting that the Whistler market has shown great signs of activity, however, this market can be very frustrating for Buyers. Properties are selling before they even hit the MLS or WLS systems. How can you equip yourself to ensure you are prepared to deal with limited inventory and multiple offer situations?

When searching for real estate these days, it seems that most clients come to me very well educated. This is due to the amount of information found online, new listings as they come on the market, current stats and even how quickly things sell.

Behind the scenes as a professional real estate agent, is somewhat different than what most people may imagine. I constantly speak to other agents, in our own office as well as other offices, to see if they have anything new coming on the market. Especially when a client of mine is on the search for a specific property.

So when the market has heated up, as it has in the past six months, I make sure that my clients know exactly what is happening, ongoing updates and phone calls. Your relationship with me is critical in this type of market, I am your best tool to ensure you are on top of new activity and listings.

In addition these few things can ensure that when the property that you have been waiting for hits the market, you have the best chance at successfully being the new owner:

  1. Ensure your financing is organized and you have spoken with your bank or your mortgage broker, so a subject to financing does not have to be part of your offer.
  2. Being knowledgeable in advance about the strata/ homeowners association (if there is one), is an advantage as well. I can provide documents to assist.
  3. Know that a multiple offer situation is becoming very common and do not let it scare you away from trying to get “your” new home. I will ensure you know recent sales. Be prepared to offer what you are willing to pay, you may not have a second chance.